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The Best Websites and Digital Learning Apps for Preschoolers (Updated!)

The internet can be a valuable source of information and knowledge, even for your little ones. Educational websites and applications designed for small children continue to develop and grow in popularity. There is a vast array of entertaining activities and interactive games that can help your child build their knowledge and understanding of colors, numbers, letters, principles of music, etc. With the click of a few buttons, the following collection of websites and applications can transform your child’s learning experiences for the better. Here’s our updated list of the best websites and digital learning apps for preschoolers. Assembled by Heritage Read more
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How to Channel Hyperactivity in Children

Children are often naturally energetic, excited, and curious to discover the world around them. Given their age and fresh perspective on life, it’s easy to understand how children sometimes can’t stop moving. As a parent, it’s imperative to provide the time and place for children to channel their enthusiastic energy and excitement. Pro-action on your part will make your child happier and will save you endless frustration. Here we look at some basic concepts and activities to keep in mind if you have a hyper child that we employ at Heritage Learning Center, a trusted preschool in McKinney, TX. Why Read more
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How To Keep Your Kids Learning Over Winter Break

Winter break is a joyful time of celebration and relaxation. Enjoying a well-deserved break at the end of a long year helps to heighten the magic present during the holiday season. Not to mention spending time with your family away from work and school responsibilities can help you carry extra motivation and energy into the New Year. Nonetheless, just because children earn a break away from school doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop. The time a child spends at home over the holiday season can be a great chance to catch up on lost learning and keep their brain Read more
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Awesome Educational Toys for the 2019 Holidays

The holiday season often causes a significant increase in consumer buying through an array of special offers, discounts, and deals. Nonetheless,  finding a purposeful gift, especially for children who live in a world of disposable toys and trinkets can be a real challenge. Not to worry, we’ve assembled the following list of the educational gifts and toys that can make for the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift. K’nex Education: Intro to Structures K’nex assists children explore the history and function of structural design and architecture. K’nex allows children to participate in creative hands-on structure modeling exercises that help develop important Read more
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How to Discipline a Preschooler

As children advance in age, they typically discover what it means to be responsible for the choices they make and whether those choices bring positive or negative consequences. Part of helping a child develop involves establishing a purpose and definition of developmentally appropriate punishment. No child is perfect, so discovering how to discipline your child in an age-appropriate way is of the utmost importance. Enjoy this brief guide on how to discpline preschoolers by Heritage Learning Center, committed childcare and child education in McKinney, TX. Toddlers and preschoolers can be extremely temperamental, especially when emotions run high. If you’ve experienced Read more
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Understanding the Difference Between Being a Slow Learning and Being Learning Disabled

As a parent, it’s natural to assess your child’s ability to learn in both formal and informal settings. Assuming you want the best for your children, understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and preferred style of learning is imperative to their progression and growth. It’s something that the skilled and dedicated teachers at Heritage Learning Academy in McKinney, TX, help parents with every day, by closely watching and reporting the educational progress our students make. If you feel like your child operates slightly below the average learning curve, it pays to take the time to investigate and understand the potential cause and Read more
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How to Teach a Preschooler to Share

 Teaching your child the basics of sharing is strenuous and frustrating. Children hold their belongings tight, especially if someone else is interested.  As a parent, it’s vital to teach your children why and how to share. The following tips should assist in your effort to teach your children about sharing. Practice taking turns. Create a habit and culture of giving and receiving to and from others. This will help them understand that sharing is temporary.  Positively Reinforce your child’s actions. Praise your child for sharing, rather than pointing out when they don’t.  Avoid Punishment. Don’t force your child to Read more
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How to Introduce Dance Classes to Your Toddler

 Toddlers are often naturally rhythmic and moved by the power of music. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in dance classes.The following guide will help to answer some of your potential questions.   What toddler dance classes are available? Different dance classes suit different styles and techniques. Common classes include Ballet Dance, Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance.  You may ask then what the benefits of a toddler dance class are? Dance class can help develop strong social skills and connections. Not to mention the psychological and physical benefits.  It’s a fun activity that exercises both the Read more
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Introducing Your Child to Video Games

As a parent, don’t discount the power and useful resource that video games are for children. The idea that video games can positively influence and teach children valuable life lessons is legitimate. Nervous or hypercritical parents are quick to blame video games for any range of emotional disorders or anti-social behaviors, which over the years has given video games a bad rap. The truth of the matter is that video games can favorably or unfavorably influence any given person based on their understanding of how to balance and regulate usage. As a parent, avoid policing your children, rather, take the Read more
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How to Avoid Becoming a Helicopter Parent

It’s only natural to speculate why some children struggle with extreme social anxiety and hypersensitivity at a young age, while other children appear completely unscathed and unbothered. In most cases, emotional deficiencies in young children are a direct result of their upbringing. This implies that parents who are overprotective and involved in every decision their child makes, also run the risk of causing emotional harm, blocking important personal growth in their children.  This intensive style of over-involved parenting is most commonly known as helicopter parenting, which the Urban Dictionary defines as: “A parent who hovers over their child, regardless of Read more