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Ways to Make Chores Fun for your Preschoolers

I’m sure you remember being a kid and hating it when your parents asked you to help them with chores around the house. Well, that’s something that hasn’t really changed too much over time. Kids still hate doing chores just as much as you did back in the day. That’s why Heritage Learning Center wants to give you a few ideas on how to make chores fun for preschoolers, so your children will be more excited about helping you instead of groning every time you ask them for help.  Hide Things for Them to Find Hiding things that your child Read more
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Public vs Private Preschool

Preschool is the first time your child goes into a school environment. They’re learning, now more than ever, how to meet new people, make friends, focus on tasks, listening, and so much more. There are many programs out there, but it can make it hard to determine which one is right for your child. What’s more, there are different types of preschools. Public and private preschool is one distinction you as a parent have to consider. But it can be hard to know what exactly makes one program public and the other private. Here are some of the main differences Read more
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In-Home Daycare vs Daycare Center

When the time comes to look for child care, there are a lot of things you have to consider. One of the biggest things you need to decide is the kind of child care you want. The most popular types are a daycare center or in-home daycare, commonly called family child care. There are advantages to both options, but what’s most important is that you pick the right choice for your family. Check out this overview of each child care option, as well as some pros and cons for each one.  In-Home Daycare The distinguishing factor of in-home daycare is Read more
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What to Look for in a McKinney, TX Preschool

Preschool is a crucial time for a child’s schooling career. It lays the foundation for kindergarten, and so on. Research shows that three and four-year-old children who attend high-quality preschool programs are more successful in school later on. You should be on the lookout for what a high-quality preschool program looks like, but first, you have to know what to look for! That’s why Heritage Learning Center is here to tell you what a good Mckinney preschool program is made up of so you know what to look for in the environment. You can also formulate questions to ask the Read more
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Activities to Keep your Child Busy over Winter Break

Winter break is a great time to relax and spend time with the family. However, finding ways to keep your family busy and off their screens can be challenging. Check out this list Heritage Learning Center has put together of a few, fun activities that will keep your family busy over winter break! Make Bird Feeders for Your Trees Making bird feeders as a family is a really fun activity! You get to help your kids learn about something new, and your kids’ brains will stay active. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about the birds that Read more
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Teaching Colors to Preschoolers

Teaching colors to your preschooler should be really fun for you and your child! Your child is already learning new things every day, so it helps do fun activities to push their development even further. Plus, this is an excellent time for bonding with your young child. Early education is the perfect way to help your child learn and spend quality time with them. So here are a few things you can do to jumpstart preschooler education with your preschooler. I Spy Everybody knows this game! I spy is a great way to teach your child what colors are and Read more
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Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

There’s a lot to be done on Thanksgiving! Cooking, cleaning, setting the table, socializing with family, we know your hands can be full. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a fun day, especially for the kids. Here are a handful of Thanksgiving activities your preschoolers can do during the Thanksgiving season! Turkey Tail Napkin Rings Turkey Tail Napkin Rings are a great activity and a decorative piece! You can find a tutorial online, but it’s as simple as cutting out a turkey template, folding a few napkins into the tail shape, and laying out colors for your kids. They Read more
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After School Programs: What to Look for

Schedules can get busy quickly, especially with children, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! There are many after school programs that can help you manage. However, it can be challenging to know what to look for. Heritage Learning Center wants to help you pick the right program for your children. That’s why we’ve created this guide to ease your decision-making process.  The Number One Determiner  The best way to see if the after school program is right for you and your children is to visit. Set up an appointment to go in person if possible. Seeing the Read more
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Conflict Resolution For Preschoolers

As your children get older, they might be more prone to conflicts with other children. It can be hard to know what is the best solution. For preschoolers, you might think that there is no true form of conflict resolution. That is why the professionals at Heritage Learning Center are here to help! These are a handful of problem-solving, conflict resolution steps to follow in a preschool setting. Step 1 – Take a Breather This step goes for all children or people involved in the situation. Asking the kids what they need to do to calm down is a good Read more
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Fun, Fall Activities to do with Your Preschooler

Fall is the best and most colorful seasons of the year! What better way to celebrate it than to do some fun fall activities with your little preschooler?? Simple, crafty activities are a great way to stimulate your child’s mind and have fun with them during this colorful season. Check out these fun activities! A Handprint Tree Simply helping your child trace their handprint on a piece of paper and decorating it with fun colored paper will bring a tree to life on the page, and your children are sure to love it! Apple Stamps When you cut and dry Read more