Heritage Overview


6:30 am – 6:00 pm, M-F, Year round


Full time

Preschool Ages

18 MO – 5 Years


Little Primers and Early Preschool (18 MO – 2 years):

The Appelbaum curriculum is “focused on presenting research and evidence-based materials that are considered “Best-Practice” in the field of education.”

Preschool (3 Years Old by Sept. 1st):

The children begin to practice writing their name, the alphabet and numbers implementing the Frog Street Curriculum. “All literacy instruction is based on the National Early Literacy Report to ensure a strong foundation for reading skills.”

Pre-Kindergarten (4 Years Old by Sept. 1st):

Children will continue to develop literacy and phonics skills as we expose the children to the tools necessary for reading by implementing the Saxon Early Learning and Saxon Phonics Curriculum. This curriculum offers “exposure to many interesting concepts, along with a strong emphasis on oral language development and classroom discussion, enhance children’s vocabulary acquisition, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, and prepare them for later school success.”

Pre-K students begin attending a guided weekly reading class called Book Club. This club is in a small group setting to help each child learn reading readiness as well as key sight words to further prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Children ages 2-5 years old will participate in Spanish classes

Other Activities

Dance, Karate, Cran!um Kids, TOT Basketball, Fun Bus, Soccer, and Piano lessons

Preschool Amenities

LifeCubby, security access, rubber turf playgrounds, indoor playroom, and a large on-sight above ground computerized spray water park

Classroom Amenities

Colorful and spacious, allowing sensory stimulation and providing a happy learning environment


Breakfast (additional fee), snacks, and hot lunch

Clubhouse Ages

5 Years – 12 Years

Grouped by grade level due to the differences between age levels

Clubhouse Amenities

Arcades, art rooms, computer labs, seperate playground, soccer field, outdoor basketball court, library, and an on-sight above ground computerized spray waterpark

Clubhouse Perks

Transportation to/from schools, rotate through themed rooms, homework sssistance, and field trips during school holidays

Campus Amenities

Beautiful three acre campus, three age appropriate rubber turf playgrounds, indoor playroom, on-sight above ground computerized spray waterpark, video monitoring in each classroom, and Blackboard Mass Communication System.

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