Daily Archives: October 21, 2021

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5 Fall After-School Activities

Kids’ activities after school can be just as fun and educational as what they do during school, ideally even more so. They are often more enjoyable because they are in their environment and have the freedom to choose what they want to do. Here are five easy, after-school activities you can do with your child this fall. 1. Dress Up Games Playing dress-up fuels your child’s imagination! It’s an excellent way for them to release stress after a long day at school. So have fun playing dress-up with your kids or let them dress up and perform stories for you! Read more
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2021 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a very exciting time of year for many people, especially when kids get to go trick-or-treating! Amidst COVID-19, there are a lot of concerns about health and safety this year for October 31st along with the questions that parents ask all the time about the safety of going out on Halloween. It can be a tricky thing to think about and try to navigate, especially these days. That’s why we’re giving you some Halloween safety tips for the spooky season coming your way! Safety and Costumes Believe it or not, there are some things you should be safe Read more
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7 Fun Weekend Activities for Preschoolers

The weekends are a great time to spend with your family but finding those weekend activities can be tough. That’s why we have put together 7 fun weekend activities for preschoolers, so you don’t have to think of things to do with your young children! 1. The Zoo The zoo is a popular choice for families from all over, and for good reason. Kids love seeing the big animals in real life that they learn about in school.  2. Science Museum Science museums are a great way to spend time on the weekend. It gets everyone out of the house, Read more