Discipline Policies

    • Always emphasize the positive. Good behavior is recognized and encouraged.
    • Children are supervised by staff members showing attitudes of understanding, firmness, fairness, and most importantly, love.
    • Children will be encouraged to learn behaviors using methods that encourage development of self-control, self-direction, and positive self-concepts.
    • Children are given clear directions and daily reminders of expectations for behavior that are appropriate to the child’s level of understanding.
    • Children are taught by example through the use of fair and consistent rules, in a relaxed atmosphere with discipline relevant to the behavior involved.
    • Children are redirected and given alternatives when behavior is unacceptable using positive statements to teach each child more appropriate choices for the behavior.
    • Children will be held firmly if their behavior may cause harm to themselves or others. Fighting or being out-of-control is not permitted.
    • Short periods of supervised separation from the group and group activities may be used when appropriate for the child’s age and development
    • Food/snacks will not be used in discipline. No corporal punishment, abusive language, or harsh tones will be used in discipline. Teachers will not hit or spank children.
    • Any serious discipline problems will be discussed with the director. A teacher/parent/director conference will be held when necessary and will proceed any requests for the parent to withdraw the child from HLC.
    • If a child consistently misbehaves on field trips, the child may not attend the following field trip.
    • Parents will be notified if this happens and may be asked to make other arrangements for care during the field trip.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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