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How to Set a Homework Schedule

It can be difficult for kids to finish their homework. If your child has trouble finishing their homework in time, a homework schedule might be the right thing for them. Not only does it communicate clear expectations, but it establishes a time frame for kids to finish their homework. Here are some tips for setting a homework schedule! Free Time is Still Important Unless your child likes to get their homework done right away, many children want time to decompress after they get home from school. Allow some free time at the front end of your kid’s homework schedule to Read more
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Early Childhood Development Stages

 Childhood development is not an exact science. There are many different traits and abilities listed on hundreds of childhood development tables and charts. When thinking about your child’s development, the first thing you should do if you are concerned is talk to your child’s pediatrician. Not only will your pediatrician have different charts and measurements they can look at, but they also can screen your child for developmental delays with various tools. However, it is helpful for you to be familiar with the early childhood development stages to have an idea of how your child is progressing and are familiar Read more
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Teaching Cultural Diversity to Preschoolers

Many child care centers often the tourist approach for teaching cultural diversity to young children. The tourist approach refers to only learning about cultural differences or traditions around the holidays when it is convenient to teach. However, this only gives children a small glimpse into different cultures. There are many other ways to incorporate diversity into preschool programs. That’s what we’re going to discuss today! So, here are various ways you can teach preschoolers about cultural diversity. Involve the Parents Involving the parents in the lessons you teach is a great way to engage the children. You can host a Read more
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Indoor Winter Activities

Winter is finally here in Mckinney, TX, and sometimes it can get a little too cold for you and your family to play outside. Luckily, there’s still plenty of things you can do inside to have fun with the kids. Here are some ideas of fun indoor winter activities to try when it’s just too chilly to play outside.  Indoor Winter Activities Scavenger Hunt A scavenger hunt is a perfect activity to keep your kids entertained for hours! Try setting up clues around the house and maybe a treasure chest for them to find at the end. Your kids are Read more
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Best Early Childhood Products for 2021

Preschool and early childhood is a crucial time for a child’s mental development. They learn so many essential skills that they will take with them forever. This is why picking the right toys for your child at preschool age is critical for valuable mental development. With so many early childhood products out there, it can be hard to choose the right ones. That’s why the Heritage Learning Center did the work for you! Here are the perfect toys for your child’s early development.  Fit for Everything The best early childhood products set for overall cost, versatility, and the most significant Read more
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What to Look for in a McKinney, TX Preschool

Preschool is a crucial time for a child’s schooling career. It lays the foundation for kindergarten, and so on. Research shows that three and four-year-old children who attend high-quality preschool programs are more successful in school later on. You should be on the lookout for what a high-quality preschool program looks like, but first, you have to know what to look for! That’s why Heritage Learning Center is here to tell you what a good Mckinney preschool program is made up of so you know what to look for in the environment. You can also formulate questions to ask the Read more
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Activities to Keep your Child Busy over Winter Break

Winter break is a great time to relax and spend time with the family. However, finding ways to keep your family busy and off their screens can be challenging. Check out this list Heritage Learning Center has put together of a few, fun activities that will keep your family busy over winter break! Make Bird Feeders for Your Trees Making bird feeders as a family is a really fun activity! You get to help your kids learn about something new, and your kids’ brains will stay active. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about the birds that Read more
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Tips for Parents from Preschool Teachers

Having a child who’s just starting preschool is an exciting time for parents. Sometimes, parents realize that their kids might be behaving better at school for the teachers than they are at home. This can be frustrating for some parents! Heritage Learning Center has a few tips for parents, from preschool teachers themselves, for getting this same behavior out of your kids at home!  “Why?” First, parents often wonder why their children behave better for someone else. The reason is that children behave better under certain conditions. Teachers are trained to understand those conditions and create them in the classroom. Read more
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Teaching Colors to Preschoolers

Teaching colors to your preschooler should be really fun for you and your child! Your child is already learning new things every day, so it helps do fun activities to push their development even further. Plus, this is an excellent time for bonding with your young child. Early education is the perfect way to help your child learn and spend quality time with them. So here are a few things you can do to jumpstart preschooler education with your preschooler. I Spy Everybody knows this game! I spy is a great way to teach your child what colors are and Read more
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Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

There’s a lot to be done on Thanksgiving! Cooking, cleaning, setting the table, socializing with family, we know your hands can be full. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a fun day, especially for the kids. Here are a handful of Thanksgiving activities your preschoolers can do during the Thanksgiving season! Turkey Tail Napkin Rings Turkey Tail Napkin Rings are a great activity and a decorative piece! You can find a tutorial online, but it’s as simple as cutting out a turkey template, folding a few napkins into the tail shape, and laying out colors for your kids. They Read more