• Our policy is to provide the best child care and educational experience for children enrolled at Heritage Learning Center. In order to accomplish this, it may become necessary for the Center to discharge a child for one or more of the following reasons:
    1. The child has behavioral or other concerns preventing the Center’s staff from realistically serving the child’s needs in addition to the needs of the other children, or
    2. A parent has become uncooperative by failing to:
      • Complete and return the required forms and information needed for enrollment according to state licensing guidelines,
      • Pay tuition and fees in a timely manner,
      • Observe the rules of the Center relating to arrivals and departures of the child to/from HLC; and/or
      • Follow policies described in the Parent Handbook.
    At the time of discharge, parents will be offered as much assistance as possible in making alternative plans for the child/ren. Any outstanding balance remaining after withdrawal is the responsibility of the parent and may be subject to collection.
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