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How to Teach a Preschooler to Share

 Teaching your child the basics of sharing is strenuous and frustrating. Children hold their belongings tight, especially if someone else is interested.  As a parent, it’s vital to teach your children why and how to share. The following tips should assist in your effort to teach your children about sharing. Practice taking turns. Create a habit and culture of giving and receiving to and from others. This will help them understand that sharing is temporary.  Positively Reinforce your child’s actions. Praise your child for sharing, rather than pointing out when they don’t.  Avoid Punishment. Don’t force your child to Read more
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How to Introduce Dance Classes to Your Toddler

 Toddlers are often naturally rhythmic and moved by the power of music. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in dance classes.The following guide will help to answer some of your potential questions.   What toddler dance classes are available? Different dance classes suit different styles and techniques. Common classes include Ballet Dance, Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance.  You may ask then what the benefits of a toddler dance class are? Dance class can help develop strong social skills and connections. Not to mention the psychological and physical benefits.  It’s a fun activity that exercises both the Read more
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How to Help Your Child Learn a Foreign Language

As a parent, you have the opportunity to introduce a foreign language into your child’s routine, which can produce long-term cognitive and social benefits. Immersing your child in a foreign language at a young age is extremely advantageous, especially compared to studying at other more mature points in life.  Children soak up anything and everything that goes on around them,  registering an extensive range of sounds, sights and smells. Their observant nature helps them to easily gain ground in learning a foreign language — until the age of seven or so. Exposing your child to foreign language training at a Read more
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Introducing Your Child to Video Games

As a parent, don’t discount the power and useful resource that video games are for children. The idea that video games can positively influence and teach children valuable life lessons is legitimate. Nervous or hypercritical parents are quick to blame video games for any range of emotional disorders or anti-social behaviors, which over the years has given video games a bad rap. The truth of the matter is that video games can favorably or unfavorably influence any given person based on their understanding of how to balance and regulate usage. As a parent, avoid policing your children, rather, take the Read more
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How to Choose the Right After School Activities for Your Kids

Do you know which after-school activities best fit your children?  Keeping them occupied and happy after-school can be a difficult task at times. In most cases, kids are full of energy and ready to play when school finishes. It’s important to consider what activities best fit your children. Kids need time to blow off steam and interact with their peers in a wholesome environment.  In reality, there is no “one size fits all” activity when it comes to after-school programs. All children are uniquely different, which means their after-school activities should be as well.  Consider the following factors in deciding Read more
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How to Avoid Becoming a Helicopter Parent

It’s only natural to speculate why some children struggle with extreme social anxiety and hypersensitivity at a young age, while other children appear completely unscathed and unbothered. In most cases, emotional deficiencies in young children are a direct result of their upbringing. This implies that parents who are overprotective and involved in every decision their child makes, also run the risk of causing emotional harm, blocking important personal growth in their children.  This intensive style of over-involved parenting is most commonly known as helicopter parenting, which the Urban Dictionary defines as: “A parent who hovers over their child, regardless of Read more
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4 Fun STEM Activities for Young Children

As parents, we should be active participants in our children’s education. Young minds are moldable and impressionable, meaning the influences, subjects, and activities we introduce to our children will make a long lasting impact on their life. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are vital to our children’s core education. School curriculums often undervalue these subjects and skills, which is why teaching them in the home is even more imperative.  The age of information has shifted the value placed on marketable skills, meaning, the ability to innovate, be technologically fluent, and understand Read more
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Time Management Tips for Your Grade Schooler

Empowering our children with the gift of time management is of paramount importance. Children tend to thrive in consistent routines and patterned schedules, which provide structure and a set of shared expectations. As summer comes to an end and a new school year begins, help your children introduce important methods and time management strategies. The following tips will help get your kids on the right track and ready to return to school.  Help your kids establish and set their own schedules. Sit with your children and add their events to a virtual or physical calendar. Help them understand what the Read more
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What Are the Benefits of a Child Learning an Instrument?

As parents, we must understand that music plays an extremely important role in the developing minds of our children. Learning an instrument or participating in music therapy is extremely beneficial and can help children reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. Music therapy involves a range of music-related activities, designed to relieve emotional discomfort. For example, an individual who struggles in anxiety-provoking situations can use music or their instrument to cope with the discomfort. In a like manner, when children become actively engaged and motivated to better themselves in an area of interest or passion, they can experience significant levels Read more
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How to Introduce Your Child to Foods They Will Love

You know how picky your little one can be. How can you introduce new foods in a way to get them excited about eating? It’s easy with these simple tricks! Let your child know why they should eat this food. Let them decide it is important for them. Describe a new food before they taste it so they have an idea of what to expect. Instead of asking if they like it, ask them to tell you about what they are eating. If you keep expectations low, this will create less stress on your young one. Let their childcare professionals Read more