Winter Break

Winter break is a great time to relax and spend time with the family. However, finding ways to keep your family busy and off their screens can be challenging. Check out this list Heritage Learning Center has put together of a few, fun activities that will keep your family busy over winter break!

Make Bird Feeders for Your Trees

Making bird feeders as a family is a really fun activity! You get to help your kids learn about something new, and your kids’ brains will stay active. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about the birds that come around like hummingbirds or woodpeckers. Certain birds eat or drink different things, so there are many opportunities to learn something new. Plus, it gets your kids’ creative juices flowing! 

Go for a Hike

If you live in Texas, especially in south Texas, you could get some warm weather during the winter, making for a great hike. Getting outdoors with your family is a perfect bonding and learning experience. You learn teamwork by working together on the hike, and you can learn about the nature around you! If you’re already familiar with the area you hike in; you can teach your kids about the plants and animals you might see along the way! This activity also provides exercise for you and your kids, which you probably need after a long break made up of holiday treats and movie nights.  

Make Thank You Cards

Making thank you cards is a courtesy thing to do for people who gave you presents for the holidays! Making cards is a great activity to get you and your kids’ brains working. It helps stimulate your kids’ creative minds, and it will help them practice their handwriting skills (with a little extra help from you). Making and writing thank you cards will also teach them about gratitude and being thankful for the things that they receive. 

Heritage Learning Center knows winter breaks can be a lazy time, but that is not a bad thing! However, it can make returning to school a little easier if they remain busy. We hope that these ideas will be helpful to you this holiday season. Contact the Heritage Learning Center for information about our award-winning early-childhood education programs!

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