Having a child who’s just starting preschool is an exciting time for parents. Sometimes, parents realize that their kids might be behaving better at school for the teachers than they are at home. This can be frustrating for some parents! Heritage Learning Center has a few tips for parents, from preschool teachers themselves, for getting this same behavior out of your kids at home! 


First, parents often wonder why their children behave better for someone else. The reason is that children behave better under certain conditions. Teachers are trained to understand those conditions and create them in the classroom. That’s why we have these tips from teachers! They will help you create a similar environment in your home to promote better behavior.

Tips for Parents, From Teachers 

Good Behavior

Just like adults, children love to be praised. Acknowledging good behavior will encourage your kids to continue that behavior. They begin to learn that something good happens when they behave well. 

No Redo’s

Preschoolers need to learn independence. This means that when they don’t do something the way you might have done it, you should still leave it. Do not redo their work. For example, if your child their toys away in a messy way, don’t fix them. Your child will learn there is a better way to do it.


Assigning chores to your preschooler helps give them a sense of responsibility. They will feel accomplished as well because they are helping you. It also helps develop the habit of helping around the house.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you and your home environment. Remember, no one knows your child better than you and their teacher. If you need more resources, contact Heritage Learning Center. We have plenty of resources for you and your children.

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