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Are Naps Really That Important?

As a parent, you might have noticed that your kids are reaching an age where they feel naps aren’t necessary anymore. This could make you wonder if they’re right, “are naps really that important?” especially if they don’t even want to nap. The short answer is yes, naps are important. But now, of course, you’ll wonder why. That’s okay! That’s normal. Heritage Learning Center experts want to tell you why naps are essential for young children.  Adequate Sleep Young children from 2 to 5 years old need a lot of sleep, probably more than you’d guess. Likely, they don’t sleep Read more
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What Should My Child Learn In Pre-K?

Pre-k is a crucial time for the development of young children. Kids learn a lot during this time, and as a parent, you might be wondering what your kids are learning at school! That’s a fair question. We’re here to tell you about what your child should learn in pre-k. It’s a variety of things, from life skills to typical schoolwork, so let’s jump into it. Letters and Sounds Letters and sounds are very common things for preschoolers to begin learning at school. Specifically, children learn to recognize all 26 letters in uppercase and lowercase form. They’ll also be able Read more
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5 Texas Spring Break Destinations for Kids

Believe it or not, spring break is right around the corner for those in school! Whether your kids are older or younger, spring break is a really fun time for the family, and it’s a great time for you as parents to take PTO and travel with your kids. You can travel far or stay close, it’s up to you. But we’re going to give you 5 Texas spring break destinations that are perfect for kids. Corpus Christi As the weather starts to warm up in Texas, beach vacations become more and more attractive! Even if it’s not as warm Read more
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How To Prepare For Kindergarten

Transitioning to kindergarten can be an exciting time for parents and children, but it likely means many changes as well. Your child might be transitioning from one classroom to another and maybe even to a new school. This could mean a new routine along with a handful of other shifts in yours and their usual lifestyle. We know this can cause you and/or your child to be anxious, so we want to help you figure out how to prepare your child for kindergarten as the time gets closer.  Plan to Visit before School Starts Going into an unfamiliar building or Read more
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5 Springtime Activities for Preschoolers

Spring is right around the corner which means warm temperatures are coming! This is a great opportunity for kids to get outside and be active. We want to help you think of activities you and your young preschoolers can get involved in this spring. Here are just a few activities that are perfect for the springtime for preschoolers. 1. Picnic Picnics are fun for people of all ages, so they can be a great thing to do with your preschoolers! If your young children enjoy tea parties, you could even turn the picnic into a tea party. There are so Read more
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Brain-Boosting Activities for Your Preschooler

Not every kid will be a super genius, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them be the best little preschooler they can be! Stimulating your child’s mind helps them learn as much as they can. So it’s important to spend quality time with your little ones and interact in brain-boosting activities for your preschooler. That’s why Heritage Learning Center wants to give you a few examples of activities you can do with your child to boost their brainpower and help them learn! Here they are.  One-On-One Time Participating in activities with your child is so important, but what’s more Read more
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5 Fine Motor Skills for Kids

Fine motor skills involve using the smaller muscles in your hands to move, manipulate, or make things! It’s great for kids to develop their fine motor skills in many different ways with different activities. That’s why Heritage Learning Center has come up with 5 different activities for you to put together for your children to develop these skills.  1. Playdough Playdough is commonly used for sensory play, but it’s perfect for fine motor skills too! Encourage your kids to pinch, squeeze, and roll the dough into different shapes. You can also help them cut shapes using scissors.  2. Sponges Using Read more
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STEM for Toddlers

Incorporating STEM into your child’s day-to-day life might seem like a difficult task, but in reality, it’s pretty simple! There are elements of STEM all around us, so all you have to do is get creative, look around, and you can be teaching your young children STEM anytime you want! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Teaching your child these things starting at a young age is a great way to jumpstart their learning, so here are a few simple STEM activities you can do with your kids at home! Ramps Ramps are a very easy thing to Read more
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Tips to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Going to kindergarten can be an exciting thing, but with a classroom and likely a school change, it can also bring anxiety. The changes are significant for a child and their parents, so we have some helpful tips to prepare you and your child for their transition to kindergarten.  Plan a Visit Going into a new school and a new classroom on the first day might be too overwhelming, so it is nice if you plan a visit for yourself and your child before classes begin. Early visits eliminate the shock of a new environment on the first day and Read more
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Why is Play in Preschool So Important?

Play is the foundation of learning. When kids play, they are learning valuable skills that develop their brains in many different ways. It’s how they begin to understand the world around them and the processes they learn at school. On a more specific level, here are some of the ways children play in preschool and why they’re so important.  Vehicles and Animals Objects like cars, trucks, and animal figurines are often kids’ favorite toys. These simple things teach them vocabulary every time they play with them. It’s reinforced every time they pick them up and talk about what kind of Read more