Going to kindergarten can be an exciting thing, but with a classroom and likely a school change, it can also bring anxiety. The changes are significant for a child and their parents, so we have some helpful tips to prepare you and your child for their transition to kindergarten. 

Plan a Visit

Going into a new school and a new classroom on the first day might be too overwhelming, so it is nice if you plan a visit for yourself and your child before classes begin. Early visits eliminate the shock of a new environment on the first day and give you, and your child time to familiarize yourself with the environment they’ll be spending a lot of time in the next few months. 

Begin Bedtime Routines

In the summertime, it’s common for children to stay up later and have a relaxed bedtime routine. About a month before school begins, start creating a more structured bedtime routine for your child. This will help them adjust to what it will be like when school begins since they’ll want plenty of rest after each busy day at kindergarten!

Begin Morning Routines

Just as you create bedtime routines, create morning routines for your child as well. Mornings can be spent scrambling to do this and that when there isn’t a routine established, making the process more stressful for you and your child. A morning routine will help them get used to waking up and preparing to go to school instead of the morning routine that they’ve been following this summer. 

Shop for Supplies Together

You will likely receive a school supply list from the kindergarten teacher, so you and your child should go together to find these supplies. Better yet, let them pick the colors and styles of their supplies. Then, let them make it their own. It’s so exciting to pick out school supplies as a kid so enjoy the experience with your child!

Make a Plan for After School

Make sure that you have created a plan for after school if need be and discuss that plan with your child. For example, if they attend child care after school, talk to them about how they will get there, when they will go, how long they will be there, etc. If you have another person picking them up from school, speak with your child about who this person is and make sure that person knows where the new school is, when it ends, etc. It’s essential to prepare for these types of things and discuss them with your child so they know the plan and don’t feel lost or confused when school is over. 


If you need further guidance on how to prepare your child for kindergarten, contact Heritage Learning Center! We’d love to speak with you about this and give you further tips on how to prepare. If you need an after-school program for your child, we’ve got that covered too! Give us a call or visit our website for more information.

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