Early Childhood Education McKinney TXStarting grade school is a wonderful time for young children as they begin to develop their motor skills and independence. As these skills develop, kindergarten teachers expect children to be able to complete class activities with less help. They also expect their students to follow the classroom rules and routines and to be able to take on more responsibilities. You can help your child prepare for grade school at home by following some basic steps.

Kindergarten Expectations

The following list of expectations will help you in preparing your children for the expectations of the first year of grade school.

  • Identify the alphabet letters
  • Grip a writing tool
  • Print his or her name
  • Count from one to ten
  • Bounce a ball
  • Sort objects by size, shape and amount
  • Speak in full sentences
  • Recognize simple print words
  • Identify words that rhyme
  • Use craft tools such as scissors, paint, and glue
  • Say his or her name, phone number, address and birthday
  • Play independently for about ten minutes
  • Play with a friend for about ten minutes
  • Use the bathroom independently
  • Get dressed
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Clean up
  • Listen to stories without interrupting
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While the curriculum in each school may differ, the subject content goals will be similar. Your children will be expected to build their pre-reading, math, discovery, printing, listening and communicating abilities. You can help your children by providing them with opportunities to practice these skills while they are at home. In Kindergarten they will be expected to develop the skills listed below.

  • Recognize, identify and print the alphabet in both lower and uppercase
  • Know the sounds associated with the letters
  • Use the initial sounds in words to read basic printed text
  • Identify several simple sight words
  • Recognize words that rhyme
  • Give the details of a short story
  • Retell a short story telling the beginning, middle and end
  • Print basic sentences
  • Actively listen
  • Wait for their turn to speak in a discussion
  • Repeat directions
  • Participate in dialogues with teachers and friends
  • Work with others to solve problems
  • Sort and classify several items
  • Recognize, identify and print digits
  • Count aloud by ones, fives and tens
  • Name ordinal numbers from the first through to the tenth
  • Add using manipulatives
  • Subtract using manipulatives
  • Understand and describe spatial relationships such as in front, behind, over, under
  • Compare quantities of items
  • Gather and use information to create graphs
  • Recognize, identify and create simple patterns
  • Count coins
  • Tell the days of the week and the months of the year
  • Tell the current weather

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