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Partnering with your child’s teacher can be helpful to all of you. Your teacher will learn more about your child, you will have a better line of communication with your child’s school, and your child will reap the benefits of the connection. You will better be able to support your child’s learning and provide the best learning experience possible.

How a Partnership Helps You

As a parent, you have the best understanding of your child. By partnering with your child’s teacher you can learn even more about how your child learns. You have the opportunity to share your concerns and questions and discover a truer sense of how your child behaves in the learning environment. Maintaining regular communication with the teacher enables you to keep up-to-date on all of the activities going on at school.

How a Partnership Helps Your Child’s Teacher

By providing pertinent and relevant information about your child to the teacher, you can help the teacher to develop and offer a differentiated program to meet your child’s individual needs. It will enable the teacher to determine which activities would be developmentally appropriate and what type of adaptations might need to be put into place. By providing the teacher with important information as early as possible in the school year, you can reduce the time spent by the teacher on getting to your child’s strengths and challenges.

How a Partnership Helps Your Child

Your child will also benefit from your partnership with the teacher. Your connection can provide your child with a stronger sense of security. Open lines of communication will also help to reduce the chance of any confusing messages between home and school.

How to Build a Partnership

While parent-teacher conference time might seem like a good opportunity to speak with your child’s teacher, you might be better off to schedule a meeting earlier in the school year. Parent-teacher conferences are typically held late in the fall and they usually do not allow for a lengthy discussion with the teacher. Once you have a set date and time for a meeting, write down some important points you would like the teacher to know. Add any questions or concerns you might be having as well. Be sure to take your notes with you to the meeting.

Points to Keep in Mind

Your child’s teacher will appreciate having any extra information about your child that could help in the classroom. Offer as much information as possible without taking up too much time. The teacher will do everything possible to provide a personalized program for your child and all of the other children in the class.

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