Preschool McKinney TXMost parents of preschool children understand the importance of reading for child development. Reading thirty minutes to a child every day not only helps them to build comprehension skills and vocabulary, but it also provides opportunities to create happy memories that last a lifetime. The earlier you begin reading to your children the better. By starting early, you can help foster a love of reading in your children. The following tips will help in creating the best reading experience possible with your preschool children.

Read Together Often

Make the time to read to your child every day. Choose a time when the two of you can relax and enjoy the experience. Reading hour should be a time to cuddle together and enjoy a heartwarming story.

Name Everything

You can help your children build vocabulary by using new and exciting words. As you read together, talk about the details you see in the pictures. Take the time to describe all of the parts of an illustration. Explaining the text and illustrations will give you both a chance to say more to each other while using new words to communicate.

Express Your Love of Reading

Be sure to tell your children how much you enjoy reading with them. Talk about why you love reading and how it is the best time of your day.

Be Expressive When You Read

Use a pleasant voice when you are reading aloud to your child. Be sure to use a great deal of expression so that your children can feel like they are a part of the story. By using the right voice, your child will quickly become fascinated by the story.

Know When Enough is Enough

If your child loses interest in the story, stop reading and but the book down. Refrain from becoming frustrated or annoyed as this will negatively affect your child’s enjoyment of reading time.

Keep Your Child Engaged

Talk to your child about everything that is taking place in the story. Ask questions about the characters and the setting. Talk about all of the details in the illustrations.

Read and Re-Read

Your children will come to love some stories more than others. They will want you to read them over and over again. Don’t hesitate to re-read their favorite books. Not only will they find out new things with each reading, but they will also find comfort in hearing the story over and over.

Notice the Text

Talk to your child about the text direction on the page. Point out that words are written and read from left to right. Explain that spaces separate words so we can read them better.

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