It is always a fun day as a parent when your child brings home some new artwork that they are proud of creating. When you try to place the art on your refrigerator, you realize that the door is COVERED in art! Too much artwork is a problem that many parents experience. The great news is that you don’t have to get rid of any of them. Luckily, there are tons of other solutions for displaying your child’s artwork!

Here are five ways to display your child’s artwork!

Five Fun Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork

  • Floating Shelves – Floating shelves are a very, versatile option for displaying your child’s artwork. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, that finding somewhere put them in your house is never difficult. Whether your child made a sculpture or you want to frame a painting or drawing, floating shelves are a great way to display your child’s talent prominently.
  • Corkboard Gallery – A corkboard gallery is an excellent option for children who have TONS of art, and always want to make more. One great place to put hang up some corkboard is the places in the home where your child does most of their artwork. That way, as soon as they finish their latest masterpiece, they can hang it up right away!
  • DIY Frames – Picture frames can get expensive. So, if your child brings home some new art from school every week, buying frames for all of them will get pricey, fast. However, making your frames is much easier than you think. The solution is washi tape! Building the structure with washi tape is a fun activity that both you and your child can do together. Not only is it cheaper, but you can customize the frames to fit anything your child creates.
  • Collages – For the computer savvy, making a collage is a great way to display your child’s artwork. Simply scan all the pieces of their art into a computer, then form them into a picture. Scanning also digitizes all the artwork so that you will have it forever!
  • Clotheslines – Hanging up some clothesline might seem rather simple, but it is still a great option! Not only can you move it where ever you need to, but it also makes changing the art out very simple!

By now, you should have plenty of options for displaying your child’s artwork all around the house! For more information on McKinney’s award-winning Heritage Learning Center, please contact us today!

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