Hyperactive children tend to jump from one activity to the other and it can be hard for them to focus on things. They can also be impulsive without thinking of the results of their actions, so it’s important to have activities where they can channel their energy! The best way to handle a hyperactive child is to help them focus and take things one at a time. Here are a few activities that are perfect for hyperactive children. They will keep them occupied and help them focus.

1. Karate

Karate means ‘empty-handed.’ When children learn karate, they focus on their movement and the different postures required for the activity. Something that might not seem like it requires a lot of energy can actually be very intense and require a lot of focus. This activity is perfect for helping your child focus and enhancing their coordination. 

2. Outdoor Sports

Outdoor activities or sports like football, volleyball, and baseball are perfect for hyperactive children because there is virtually no standing time in these sports. There is a lot to learn in these sports as well such as good sportsmanship, using different muscle groups, and focusing on the things happening around them. If you don’t feel comfortable putting them in sports or they don’t want to participate in sports, running is a good alternative. It provides constant movement, health benefits, and a sense of accomplishment.hyperactive children playing sports

3. Swimming

Swimming is another activity that is great for hyperactive children. It’s a great outlet for energy and requires a good amount of self-discipline. This keeps your child focused and always learning as they continue to get better at something they enjoy. Michael Phelps was a hyperactive child and began swimming to master a sport and vent his energy. 

4. Theatre

Theatre or drama can help children engage in a new activity and get out of their comfort zone. There are many skills that a child can learn while participating in theatre such as discipline when they practice lines, exercising their memory, confidence, and people skills. As they develop all of these new skills, they’re finding new activities to be a part of that help them prepare for their play or musical. 

5. Thinking Games

A thinking game can be anything that requires a little more brainpower than usual. It can be simple like matching pairs or it can be more complex like playing a game of scrabble. Games like this are a good way for hyperactive children to engage their brains and concentrate. 

If you believe you may have a hyperactive child, try out these activities and see if they help! You can also think about enrolling them in an after-school program like the award-winning ones at Heritage Learning Center. It would be a perfect place for them to participate in new activities and expel some of their energy. Contact us today to learn more about the programs we offer.

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