Preschool McKinney TXPreschool children love to explore and discover new things. Here are some fun activities that you and your preschooler can share.

  1. Letter and Digit Tracing

Many preschoolers love to use writing tools for drawing activities. You can provide them with an opportunity to enjoy this type of project while helping them to learn about their digits and letters. Provide them with all sorts of tools and materials to trace letters and numbers. While paper and crayons are a common choice, sticks and sand or feathers and shaving cream are other more innovative and fun options.

  1. Puzzle Assembling

Young children enjoy putting puzzle pieces together to form a picture or design. This activity is beneficial for fine motor skills that also helps to develop eye-hand coordination skills. Choose puzzles with large pieces to start. They are more comfortable to hold and put together. Consider taking a picture of you with your preschooler and turning it into a custom puzzle. You might find that is one you will do over and over again with your child.

  1. Throwing Fun

You can help your preschooler with fine motor skills through fun throwing games. Basic beanbags and hoops make this activity simple to set up. Start with the hoops close to your child and then slowly move them further and further away.

  1. Shape Matching

Preschool children are beginning to learn the names of basic shapes. You can help them develop this skill by playing shape matching games with them. Ask your child to find basic shapes in a room or while you are out running errands. Finally, you can make shape flashcards and use them to play games of Concentration or Go Fish.

  1. Bingo

This game is simple to play and helps in practicing basic letters and numbers. You can make your own bingo cards or buy a set from your local dollar store.

  1. Puppet Shows

Use some old socks to create puppets for a puppet show. You can use buttons and wool to make faces on the socks. Have your child pick out the socks, buttons, and wool. Work together to assemble the puppets. Create a short play that you can act out together. Think about any story books you have recently read together as a basis for your puppet play.

  1. Scavenger Hunting

Scavenger hunts are fun to make and complete. Decide what theme you want to use for your hunt. Make a list of all of the items your child must find. Give the list to your child along with a crayon to check off each item as they find it. Go with your child outside or take a look inside, the options are up to you.

  1. Info Games

Have some fun helping your preschooler children remember important information like their full names, phone numbers, addresses, birthdates and parent’s names.  You might want to make up a song or a rap that incorporates all of the facts that you and your child can recite together.

  1. Sensory Games

Use of the senses not only helps young children remember specific things, but it can also help to calm them down in stressful situations. Put together a box containing several sensory items that your child can touch, taste, smell, hear and describe.

  1. Season Recognition

Outdoor activities are fun for anyone regardless of age. Young children and adults like to get outside to experience nature. Take a nature walk with your preschoolers and describe the setting in detail as it pertains to the weather. Try to make comparisons to the other seasons as you are walking and talking.

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