Early Childhood Education McKinney TXChildren develop many cognitive, emotional and social skills during the early years of their lives. It is vital that they live and develop in an environment where parents and teachers can meet their needs. Children who grow up in environments without the necessary supports are at a higher risk for developmental delays.

The growth and development rate of children varies from child to child. While it is essential to provide the best environment to enable children to reach their highest potential, it is just as important to understand that all children develop at their pace. While children develop at individual rates there are some milestones that are common between birth and the age of five.

Between birth and the first birthday, many children will:

  • Triple their height and weight
  • Learn to stand on their own
  • Begin to interact and make relationships with people around them
  • Begin to communicate through babbles, giggles and yawns
  • Discover their sense of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell

From age one to age three, many children will:

  • Continue to explore and discover new things about their environment
  • Learn to walk, climb and run
  • Learn to express their thoughts and feelings through gestures, words, phrases, and sentences
  • Begin to assert themselves
  • Begin to make friendships with other children
  • Express frustration when their wants or needs have not been met
  • Develop their ability to use the toilet

Between the ages of three and five, many children will:

  • Develop a sense of autonomy and independence
  • Learn to share and negotiate with their friends
  • Practice role-playing
  • Practice climbing, jumping, going up and down stairs and standing on one foot
  • Practice using tools to craft, draw and paint
  • Recognize symbols for letters and digits
  • Enjoy being read to along with learning to read and write

Keep in mind that children are always developing new skills. While they may seem to have delays in one area, they are often excelling in another. Making comparisons to other children of the same age can lead to problems as all children develop at a different rate. Commenting on any delays could lead to worrying in a child, making development more difficult than it needs to be. Provide the necessary environment for natural growth. Make sure your child has access to books, writing and drawing tools, counting objects, sensory items, other children and open spaces to play. These tools will provide your children with the environment they need to reach their potential at their own pace.

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