Preschool McKinney TXYour preschool McKinney TX understands the benefits of mindfulness. Being mindful is defined as a mental state created by being focused on the present while peacefully acknowledging emotions, thoughts, and sensations. It improves happiness and optimism levels, reduces aggression and bullying, strengthens empathy and compassion and enables students to better resolve problems. If your child’s preschool does not bring mindfulness into the classroom, there are activities you can integrate into your home routines to help your child develop this skill that will carry over to help improve their time at preschool McKinney TX.

Listen to the Bell
Slowly and calmly ring a bell. Provide your children with the opportunity to focus on the vibrating sounds. Have your children raise their hands to let you know when the sound has stopped. Ask them to stay quiet for a minute and focus on the other sounds around them. Have them tell you about the other sounds they heard. This activity will enable them to better connect with the present and with their senses.

Breathe with a Buddy
Have your children lie down on the floor with one of their stuffed animals placed on their tummies. Ask them to breathe quietly for a minute and to see how their stuffed friend moves with each breath. Talk to them about the thoughts that are coming to them. Have them turn each thought into a bubble. Have them imagine the thought bubbles floating off into the air. This activity enables them to participate in a playful yet peaceful meditative activity.

Relax Your Muscles
While your children are still lying down have them place their stuffed animals to the side. Ask your children to close their eyes and to practice squeezing all of the muscles tightly. Have them begin with their feet, then have them continue to their legs, through their tummies to their arms, hands and shoulders. Ask them to hold the muscles tight for a moment before relaxing them. This activity allows them to loosen their bodies while focusing on being present.

Tell the Smell
Give your children an item that has a fragrant smell such as the peel from an orange or a branch of lilac. Ask them to close their eyes first and then place the item in their hands. Have them take a deep breath of the fragrance and to focus on the scent. The sense of smell is very powerful and this activity can help in reducing any anxiety they might be feeling.

Connect to Your Touch
Give your children an item to hold and touch such as a feather or a smooth stone. Have them close their eyes before you give them the items. Have them describe the texture and feeling of the object in their hands. Next, have them give exchange the items with each other. This activity enables them to focus on their sense of touch and develop the ability to express their senses to others.

These activities will help your children to focus more on the present moment and will provide them with tools they can use at any point during the day to calm down, feel better and find peace during the day.

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