Early Childhood Education McKinney TXSpring science activities as part of an early childhood education are a wonderful way to help young children discover some fascinating facts about nature. Warmer weather provides the perfect opportunities for observing plants growing, insects crawling and all of the other signs that the season is changing. Plant, seed, insect, and weather science activities are just some of the fun experiences you can share with young children.

Science is a significant part of any effective early childhood education program. It provides many opportunities to learn and use new scientific words, observe real world science, record data and discuss findings. Below are three fun spring science activities you can do with preschoolers to bring in the new season while learning lots about it.

Seed Germination

This wonderfully simple activity enables young children to observe how seeds germinate and grow into plants. Seed germination will take about seven days to see the full results. Children can observe the growth stages and record their observations. Place a bean seed into a clear mason jar along with a wet paper towel. Place the jar in a spot that gets lots of sunlight, like a window sill. Your child will be fascinated to watch the seed develop into a plant.

Water Movement in Plants

Using a daisy, carnation or a Queen Anne’s Lace flower, your child can look at the movement of water from the bottom of the stem up into the leaves and petals. This activity takes only a day or two depending on the flower you are using. Pour water into a clear vase until it is about two-thirds full. Add one or two drops of food coloring to the water. Place a light-colored flower into the water. Watch as the colored water moves through the stem of the plant up into the leaves and the petals until the flower has changed its color.

Rainbow Formation

Create a rainbow in your backyard using a garden hose. A quick and easy activity, your child will learn about light refraction and the formation of rainbows. You will need to do this on a warm sunny day to create the best rainbows. Pull your garden hose into the middle of your lawn. Slowly turn on the tap and spray the water into the air. Watch as a rainbow forms in the mist. As the light from the sun travels through the small water droplets, the colors become separated, creating a rainbow.

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