After School Activities for Kids McKinney TXYour toddlers could find themselves bored spending more time inside as it begins to get colder outside. These five after-school activities for kids in McKinney, TX are great ways to keep the attention of any toddler who wants to stay busy.

  1. Cardboard box creations. A box can be used to create anything from a costume to a ramp for cars.
  2. Indoor Bowling. Set up empty soda bottles or even paper towel rolls and use any ball laying around to knock them down.
  3. Tape Balance beam. Tape lines in different directions and see if your little one can walk it without stepping off.
  4. Shaving cream party. Squirt shaving cream onto a plate and let your toddler have at it.
  5. Kiddie Necklace. Thread big beads and other large-holed objects onto an old shoestring to create jewelry.

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