Preschool McKinney TXWhen your child reaches a certain age, you may immediately think it is time to enroll her in preschool McKinney TX. Although age is a good guideline in determining if your child is ready to go to school, it shouldn’t be the decision-maker. Parents should examine a variety of other factors when deciding if their children are ready to take this big step.

Preschool McKinney TX: Can Your Child Stand to Be Apart From You?
Dropping your child off at preschool is a big step for both kids and parents alike. A child who once may have spent every waking moment with a parent is now not only away from you, but with people she may not necessarily know. As you can imagine, this may cause a bit of anxiety and stress for your little one. If she is prone to experiencing separation anxiety when away from you, going to preschool may be traumatic at first. The good news is, she will likely overcome the stress after a little while, but if you don’t think she is mentally ready for it, you may want to hold off on preschool until next year. Try easing her into the separation of preschool by dropping her off for play dates and with babysitters.

How is Your Child’s Attention Span?
Before you enroll your child into pre school programs McKinney TX, take a look at the capabilities of her attention span. Although preschool is a place for children to learn, move and interact with others, it does require some moments of listening and staying still. A good rule of thumb for gauging if your child’s attention span is ready for preschool is if she can concentrate for the number of minutes equal to her age. For instance, if she is 3 years old, she should be able to focus on something such as a puzzle or coloring for at least three minutes. If not, she may have trouble adjusting to an educational environment, such as preschool.

How is Your Child’s Communication?
All children develop differently and learn at their own pace. Although spending time with other students can certainly help your child increase her communication skills, throwing her into a class where no one can understand her can make for a frustrating and negative experience. If you feel your child doesn’t have the language skills necessary for her teacher and other children to understand what she is saying, she may not be ready for preschool.

If Your Child is Ready, Heritage Learning Center Wants to Help

Heritage Learning Center wants to start your child’s education in the right way. Our preschool classes for children ages 2 and 3 offer a variety of learning tools and give your little one a chance to interact with others. Call us today at 972-782-4464 to schedule a tour and find out if our program is right for your family.

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