young girl playing a tubaAs parents, we must understand that music plays an extremely important role in the developing minds of our children. Learning an instrument or participating in music therapy is extremely beneficial and can help children reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. Music therapy involves a range of music-related activities, designed to relieve emotional discomfort. For example, an individual who struggles in anxiety-provoking situations can use music or their instrument to cope with the discomfort. In a like manner, when children become actively engaged and motivated to better themselves in an area of interest or passion, they can experience significant levels of intellectual and emotional growth.

Empowering our children through music leads to increased memory, math, social, and listening skills. It can help the body and mind work together, improving hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and overall intelligence. There is even evidence that musical experiences early on in childhood can lead to accelerated brain development, particularly in the areas of language acquisition, reading, and executive functioning. EF or Executive Functions are high-level cognitive processes that enable people to quickly process information, make good choices, regulate their behaviors, solve problems and adjust to changing mental and physical demands. To ensure that biological changes actually take place, children must play and actively engage with an instrument and its sound. The “Mozart Effect” or listening to music with the belief that it will make you smarter is false.

Learning an instrument helps children mature and understand the importance of responsibility through the maintenance and practice of their instrument. Sit with your children and discuss how music can make a positive impact on their life. Don’t force them into making a decision, but be clear in expressing the potential upside and benefit. As to how you can keep your children interested in playing instruments, that’s up to you. As parents, follow your intuition and find the kind of music they love, good teachers they enjoy, and an appropriate instrument

Music is an important medium of expression and vessel for good.  As parents, try to provide your children with opportunities to excel and find joy in making music an important part of their life. Make it fun and easy for them to have musical experiences in the home. Expose them to a variety of different genres, artists, and instruments.This exposure will have a profound effect on who they are and the way they think about the world around them.

Encouraging your child to learn an instrument is just one of many ways you can help them develop their mental and social skills in early life. Give your child the best leg up possible by enrolling them at Heritage Learning Center, award-winning early childhood care and education in McKinney, TX. Give them the tools, then watch them thrive! Tours and enrollment available here:

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