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Color exploration is an important part of preschool programs and development. Young children can explore color through a variety of activities. Below are several activities that provide preschoolers with fun opportunities to learn all about color.

Color Books

Visit your local library and speak with your librarian about your plans for exploring color with your preschooler. Borrow several books that highlight individual color ideas. Before you read each book with your child, stop to talk about the color being introduced. As you read through each page, ask questions about the color and where you might find it in your home and neighborhood.

Color Music

There are many songs about color that are perfect for young children. You can do a Google search to find online versions of the songs. You may be able to find videos that include color songs along with corresponding animations. Once you have finished each color book with your preschool child, play the color song or video. Listen for the words the first time you play the song. Next, pause the song and replay parts so that you and your child can sing along. Before you know it you will be able to sing the songs without any help.

Color Boxes

Collect a variety of items in each color theme from around your home. Be sure to choose items that are age appropriate and safe. Group the items by color and place each group of items into a different box. If possible, color the outside of the box so that it matches the items inside. Have your child take each item out of the box one at a time. Have your child name the item and its color. Ask your child questions about each item in order to develop oral skills. Put the items back into the box. Consider exploring one color box each day. When you have explored all of the boxes, empty all of the items into one area and have your child sort them into the corresponding color boxes.

Color Cards

Create color cards to reinforce color concepts with your child. You can use premade blank flashcards or create your own from white cardstock. Print each of the color words onto separate cards. Draw and color corresponding squares onto separate cards. Place all of the word and colored squares facing upward on a table. Have your child match the colors with the words.

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