Empowering our children with the gift of time management is of paramount importance. Children tend to thrive in consistent routines and patterned schedules, which provide structure and a set of shared expectations. As summer comes to an end and a new school year begins, help your children introduce important methods and time management strategies. The following tips will help get your kids on the right track and ready to return to school. 

Help your kids establish and set their own schedules. Sit with your children and add their events to a virtual or physical calendar. Help them understand what the day and week ahead will look like. Teaching your children how to use a calendar will prepare them for the future and help them become good planners.

Teach your kids how to make checklists and plan effectively. Make a checklist and assign your children tasks that are incorporated into their daily routine.  This practice can reduce stress and eliminate valuable time spent badgering your kids to complete assigned tasks. It can also teach them principles of discipline and accountability, so when you hear, “but I didn’t know!” reference the checklist. 

Establish rules for electronics. Being constantly glued to screens and personal electronics is unhealthy for kids. Establish a where, when, and how much when it comes to electronics. In addition, establish a “bedtime” for electronics when all screens are turned off for the night.

Fix a set bedtime. Set a reasonable bedtime at least two weeks before school starts in order to form a healthy and regular sleeping schedule.  Remember that kids usually require at least 10 hours of sleep per day. 

Designate study zones. As parents, provide a distraction-free zone where children can work with ease. Help your children organize their work and take home resources in a neat and tidy manner. Figure out the best way to help your children stay on top of their school work and extracurricular activities. 

Be a coach, not a manager. Opportunities for parent-child conflict often come with added school responsibilities. Consider making a mental shift from your kid’s manager to their coach. This means that your loving encouragement should motivate them to complete work because they feel a responsibility towards you. As a coach, you act as a caring outsider, giving support and guidance when needed.

Hold your children accountable and provide encouragement. A culture of responsibility in the home develops when each member of the family understands that they are responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Holding your children accountable for school work and chores will instill a sense of urgency as the new school year begins.

Equipping our children with solid time management skills will help them succeed and stay focused at home and at school. Give your kiddos an early start to developing time management, social skills, and the basics of learning by enrolling them at Heritage Learning Center in McKinney. Award-winning early childhood education in North Texas. Learn What Makes Us Different or Request a Tour today.

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