As parents, we should be active participants in our children’s education. Young minds are moldable and impressionable, meaning the influences, subjects, and activities we introduce to our children will make a long lasting impact on their life. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are vital to our children’s core education. School curriculums often undervalue these subjects and skills, which is why teaching them in the home is even more imperative. 

The age of information has shifted the value placed on marketable skills, meaning, the ability to innovate, be technologically fluent, and understand how things work together have never been so valued and in demand. 

So, to help you along the right path, here are a few inexpensive STEM activities that you can introduce to your kids as early as preschool to prepare them for their future. 

Popsicle Stick Construction: Engineering
In this activity, you will help your children get excited about designing and engineering a building and catapult entirely out of jumbo popsicle sticks and rubber bands. If you feel it be necessary, incorporate principles and scientific methods, hypothesizing how far different objects will fly. 

Oil Spill Activity: Engineering/Science
In this activity, mix oil and water in a large container, adding feathers to the mix. Give the children objects like sponges and paper towels to try to remove the oil. Use this opportunity to teach about how oil spills can affect the environment and how engineers are working to solve real issues in our world. 

Lego Addition: Math/Engineering
For kids who enjoy playing with lego, incorporate some simple math in their play. Create simple addition or multiplication cards for them (e.g: 3 red + 2 yellow) or (e.g: 2 x 2 Blue). Let them build towers to find and display their answers. 

Jelly Bean Building: Engineering 
All you need for this activity are jelly beans and toothpicks. Help your children learn about structures by encouraging them to connect toothpicks with jelly beans. They will start to see which shapes hold well together, stack well, in addition to which are most visually appealing. This activity will help them understand the thought, design, and technology behind structural engineering. 

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