Award Winning McKinney PreschoolOpponents of preschools often say that children are too young to be immersed into a highly stimulated educational environment and that the child needs more time for familiar interaction. While the children who attend preschool can be as young as 18 months old, the experience gained from preschool is worth the consideration. The Heritage Learning Center, a preschool in McKinney, Texas, is an award-winning McKinney preschool that knows what makes a child excel. This decorated preschool considers these necessary development processes involved in a successful preschool adventure.

Curiosity and the Taste for Knowledge

As your child grows in an educational setting, their hunger for knowledge and innate draw toward the unknown will surface. They will learn to ask questions and seek answers.  They will also learn to make choices, as most preschools encourage children to choose activities they are interested in doing.

Taking Care of Others

Merging your child with other children in a relaxed, encouraged social environment is critical in your child’s gain of civil skills. Sharing toys, helping other classmates and using kind behavior are all aspects of the preschool curriculum. Having your child gain that social proficiency early on is helpful for their development of admirable mannerisms and communicative expertise. They’ll also learn how to care for themselves, as they get a feel of being independent and having fun.

Developing Essential Skills

Not only will a child benefit from being involved in a social atmosphere, they will also develop skills that will help them later in life. Their vocabulary will develop from being around adults and children. They will expand their cognitive abilities from activities and small challenges faced in an individual environment.

Independence and preparing for Kindergarten

The inevitability of Kindergarten won’t be as harsh when your child has already experienced an active learning setting. They’ll already be accustomed to being around other children, following the rules, and being away from home. Because Kindergarten can be a huge step in any child’s life, preschool helps that step become just a little less exasperating. They know the way the education system works and they know how to align with being a good student.

When looking for an award winning McKinney preschool for your child to attend, look no further than the Heritage Learning Center. We offer a number of different preschool programs, from “Little Primers” to per-Kindergarten students. Most classes are open from 6:30am-6:30pm, Monday through Friday. Visit their website at or call (972) 782-4464.

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