Not every kid will be a super genius, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them be the best little preschooler they can be! Stimulating your child’s mind helps them learn as much as they can. So it’s important to spend quality time with your little ones and interact in brain-boosting activities for your preschooler. That’s why Heritage Learning Center wants to give you a few examples of activities you can do with your child to boost their brainpower and help them learn! Here they are. 

One-On-One Time

Participating in activities with your child is so important, but what’s more important than that is just spending quality time with them. This is the number one brain-boosting activity you can do with your preschooler. By exchanging language and ideas with your child while spending time with them, you’re boosting your brain more than anything else. Yes, independence for them is essential, but that attachment to their parent is still there at this age. 

Reading Together

One great way to add to one-on-one time with your child is by reading with them. Experts say that books that tell a story or teach concepts like the alphabet or counting are the best books to read. In addition, reading with your child stimulates their brain and can develop into early literacy, expanded vocabulary, and deeper understanding, especially when you talk through the book with your child and allow them to ask and answer questions. 

A Social Life

Social life can be difficult during these times, but get creative and be safe! Spending time with other children is an excellent way for kids to learn social smarts like sharing, thinking of others’ feelings, and self-control. So if you find time to spend with another child and parent, we encourage you to do so safely! It’s one way your child can learn and be stimulated while you have a social hour yourself!

Games and Puzzles

If spending time with others is not an option for you right now, play games and do puzzles amongst yourself! Simple games like candy land or shoots and ladders have few rules and are easy for young kids to get the hang of. In addition, these games teach your kids skills like taking turns and good sportsmanship.


Feel free to look into our other content for more advice on activities for your preschooler and other young ones, and if you’re looking for even more options like a school program for your little one, contact Heritage Learning Center! We’d love to have you and your preschooler be a part of our community and our programs.

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