Getting enough sleep is a crucial way to stay healthy. Quality nap time for children five years and under is beneficial to early physical and mental development. When a child doesn’t get enough sleep during the day, they can become overly tired and grumpy. Other issues include sleepiness, trouble waking up in the morning, aggressive behaviors, or difficulty focusing. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why naptime is important for preschoolers. 

Why Naptime is Important

Napping Helps the Learning Process

One study proved that napping for children allowed them to remember things better in the case of playing a memory game. Naps every day showed the most improvement in memory. 

Improves Physical Activity

Researchers have proven that kids who don’t get enough sleep have more issues with obesity. Other studies show that kids eat more when they’re tired, which could lead to obesity. This kind of attitude leads to poor choices in unhealthy foods as well. Overtiredness makes it more challenging for kids to be active and play outside, so getting enough sleep and napping during the day helps children avoid these issues. 

Better Moods

Anyone who has been around kids knows they can get moody and throw tantrums. These attitudes get worse when kids are tired. Science backs this up, showing that 2-year-olds who skipped their naps were less joyful, more anxious, and had worse reactions to frustrating events. Therefore, giving children time to nap during the day, whether at home or school, leads to better moods for the rest of the day. 

Secrets of Better Naps

Some children have a hard time sleeping during the day, even though it is beneficial for them. Here are some ways to improve your child’s or students’ nap times during the day. 

  • The Napping Mood – Routines are excellent for children, so a wind-down routine is perfect for getting them into a sleepy mood. Reading a story, back rubs, consistent schedules, and napping locations can help a child fall asleep faster during nap time. 
  • Timing – If they are napping at home, you should put your children down for a nap when you notice them getting tired. Keeping naps short is crucial too. Researchers have found that longer and later naps led to children having trouble falling asleep later at night. 

If you want more information about why naptime is important for young children, reach out to Heritage Learning Center! Our experts can discuss benefits and tips with you. We also have award-winning programs that we’d love for your child to join. Just give us a call today!

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