Teaching your child the basics of sharing is strenuous and frustrating. Children hold their belongings tight, especially if someone else is interested. 

As a parent, it’s vital to teach your children why and how to share. The following tips should assist in your effort to teach your children about sharing.

Practice taking turns. Create a habit and culture of giving and receiving to and from others. This will help them understand that sharing is temporary. 

Positively Reinforce your child’s actions. Praise your child for sharing, rather than pointing out when they don’t. 

Avoid Punishment. Don’t force your child to share, but empathize with them. They will come to a personal understanding of why sharing is required.  

Be a Rolemodel. Children learn best from observing good habits. Make an example of how to share in different settings. 

Avoid Labeling possessions. Avoid labeling items and giving ownership of things. This is a great tactic to avoid arguments and unwanted conflict. 

Communal Resources. This helps your child feel like they don’t have to guard their toys. 

Stay out of social conflicts. Let your children find a solution to the conflict. This will help them grow and develop more advanced problem-solving skills. 

Remember that sharing is difficult for kids to understand. It takes time and consistent practice. For more information on childhood education, contact Heritage Learning Center in McKinney, TX.

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