Best Preschool McKinneyIt’s only natural to speculate why some children struggle with extreme social anxiety and hypersensitivity at a young age, while other children appear completely unscathed and unbothered. In most cases, emotional deficiencies in young children are a direct result of their upbringing.

This implies that parents who are overprotective and involved in every decision their child makes, also run the risk of causing emotional harm, blocking important personal growth in their children.  This intensive style of over-involved parenting is most commonly known as helicopter parenting, which the Urban Dictionary defines as: “A parent who hovers over their child, regardless of their child’s needs and desires.”

Helicopter parents are extremely overprotective and hyper-vigilant individuals who feel their children can’t face any level of difficulty without significant help or assistance. Although the majority of helicopter parents are well-intentioned, there are substantial dangers and adverse consequences associated with this overbearing parenting style.

At the park or in a public place you’ve probably overheard a helicopter parent blurting out demands like, “Honey! Over here, over here! Turn this way. This way! Look look! Now the other way. Look over here! Come here! Sit down. Sit! Slide down! Yes, good girl”.

Needless to say, there are exceptional circumstances and children who require, on average, more direction and special care.  However, helicopter parenting is an entirely different epidemic and technique of parenting, employed by parents who fail to understand that their children thrive in experiencing life by trial and error. Helicopter parenting inhibits growth and learning experiences in children, which will set them back significantly in the future. This style of parenting increases dependence in children, which in turn, diminishes their decision-making ability and capacity to cope. When parents make every important decision for their children, they are compromising their personal growth and autonomy. Children need opportunities to think for themselves in their physical, emotional, and intellectual spaces.

The belief that parents need to be so overwhelmingly in control originates in the deep-rooted cultural belief that children are naturally less intelligent and don’t require as much respect as adult peers do. Avoid placing your children at a disadvantage and start giving them the freedom to live and grow for themselves. If you’ve identified yourself as a helicopter parent, decide to let your children lead their play and learn to be okay with breaking some rules, even if it may attract a glance or two of disapproval. Your children will inevitably encounter trials and difficulties in life.  Still, in the end, they will be stronger and more confident people if you grant them the freedom they require to grow.

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