Do you know which after-school activities best fit your children? 

Keeping them occupied and happy after-school can be a difficult task at times. In most cases, kids are full of energy and ready to play when school finishes. It’s important to consider what activities best fit your children. Kids need time to blow off steam and interact with their peers in a wholesome environment. 

In reality, there is no “one size fits all” activity when it comes to after-school programs. All children are uniquely different, which means their after-school activities should be as well. 

Consider the following factors in deciding which after-school program is the best fit:  

  • Involve your child. Be sure to ask your children what THEY want to do after school. 
  • Age Appropriate. Choose activities that match the age and maturity level of your child. 
  • Cost Analysis. Research the cost and required equipment for each activity before signing up. 
  • Travel Time. Consider the driving distance and possible methods of transportation to and from each activity. 
  • Number of activities. Avoid straining your children with an overwhelming amount of activities.
  • Consider your child’s aptitude. Manage a healthy number of activities so that your child doesn’t overexert themselves.
  • Remember that every child is uniquely different. Do your best to harness their natural talent and abilities. After-school programs can be extremely beneficial if correctly adopted.  

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