fall activities Kids’ activities after school can be just as fun and educational as what they do during school, ideally even more so. They are often more enjoyable because they are in their environment and have the freedom to choose what they want to do. Here are five easy, after-school activities you can do with your child this fall.

1. Dress Up Games

Playing dress-up fuels your child’s imagination! It’s an excellent way for them to release stress after a long day at school. So have fun playing dress-up with your kids or let them dress up and perform stories for you!

2. Building with Toilet Paper

Don’t throw away the rolls after you’ve run out of toilet paper! Instead, collect them for your kids. You can paint them different colors or decorate them. Then, your children can play with them as characters or use them to build other things!

3. Shaped Crayons

Broken crayons or small pieces of crayon don’t have to go in the trash. Instead, you can get small ice molds or cake molds of different shapes and melt the crayons down to make fun-shaped crayons!

4. Squish Painting

Squishy painting is a really easy art craft for your kids after school. Let your kids add some drops of paint to a piece of paper. Then, push another piece of paper on top of it. Take off the top portion of the paper and reveal your child’s new work of art!

5. Apple Stamping

Apple stamping is perfect for fall. You and your kids can decide what shapes to carve, carve them into an apple, and turn it into a stamp! These are perfect to use for arts and crafts. 


If you’re looking for fall after-school activities for your children this fall, contact Heritage Learning Center! We have award-winning after-school programs that your children would love to be a part of.

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