McKinney Preschoolers

Board games are a great form of entertainment for people of all ages but especially young children! Different games help children develop skills such as critical thinking and academic and spatial skills. It also teaches them social-emotional skills when they play with other children, such as cooperating, winning or losing gracefully, and taking turns. Here are Heritage Learning Center’s top 10 card and board games for McKinney preschoolers. 

Top 10 Card and Board Games for McKinney Preschoolers 

1. Jumbo Bananagrams

There’s so much to do with this simple game of 3-inch letter tiles! What’s better is it challenges your preschoolers in multiple ways by getting them to find matching letters, spell their names, or sorting letters based on composition.

2. Boggle Junior

This fun word game is perfect for solo or group play in the classroom. The goal is to match letters to the picture card. By doing this, children learn to identify letters, match letters to sounds, and common short vowel words. 

3. Math for Love Tiny Polka Dot

This tiny box is full of colorful, sturdy cards and tons of possibilities! Kids can use them to learn number sense and practice counting, matching amounts, comparing, and more. 

4. Shopping List Memory Game

The goal of this game is to race to fill your basket with the items on your list! The picture-and-word lists encourage children to learn concepts about print. 

5. Ice Pops Memory Game

This is a basic memory game that gets kids excited about this simple concept! The colorful, patterned cards get kids talking as they play the game as well. 

6. 1-2-3 Farmyard

In this game, players race to build a farmyard with the cards they draw from the deck. By doing this, kids practice number identification, counting, and comparing numbers. 

7. Hoot Owl Hoot

This creative, cooperative game is designed for kids to get the owls to bed before the sun comes up! The game gets children talking about concepts such as nocturnal creatures, day vs. night, and flying creatures. 

8. Rivers, Roads, and Rails

Kids create colorful transportation systems with 140 different cards to choose from! By matching pieces, they can make new tracks each time they play. It’s also a game for kids to play on their own during quiet time. 

9. Money Around

This game is sure to get preschoolers moving! Movement cards ask kids to practice motor skills with a cute beanbag banana, and it’s perfect for large-group play.

10. Color Go Fish!

Go fish is a classic game that’s great for anyone, but this pack is perfect for preschoolers’ little hands. The bright colors make it simple for them to make matches as well!

With so many games to choose from, your preschoolers are sure to have a lot of fun and learn some excellent, new skills! Heritage Learning Center has award-winning McKinney preschool programs and tons more information on young childhood development. Call us today!

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