Early Childhood Education Classes McKinney TXEarly childhood education classes McKinney, TX help to build a child’s mind while nurturing cognitive development. One of the most effective, yet underutilized, methods of fostering learning in children is through playing. Although some educators and parents don’t see the benefits of playtime, the act is extremely beneficial.

Research shows that children who have recess actually behave and perform better in the classroom. Offering playtime to preschoolers not only shows them that school is fun, but it also encourages and provides an opportunity for development in a wide range of aspects. Here, we discuss some of the most significant.

Early Childhood Education Classes McKinney TX Teaches Children to Play Nice

Children who play together learn a lot about each other. They learn to be considerate of their playmates, the importance of sharing and how to do it, and how to interact with each other. In other words, it teaches them how to be nice. Playing also helps children learn how to regulate their emotions and shows them that being kind gets them more and takes them further than doing the opposite.

Builds Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem is a problem that can haunt a child for her or his entire life. The good news is, playing with others can help to build it at an early age. Creating healthy relationships with classmates can help build their self-esteem and awareness. Kids who play also experience stress and anxiety reduction, which can have positive effects on their overall lives.

Helps with Physical Development
Playing games with other children in early childhood education classes McKinney, TX can help to build a child’s physical development. Playing with toys with others helps to build their fine and gross motor development. Additionally, they are encouraged to use self-help skills and can improve their physical skills.

Language Skills
Interacting with other children during playtime supports a child’s language skills. Not only do they pick up words from their playmates, but they also learn conversational techniques. Kids catch on quickly and learn that when they speak clearly and ask nicely, their playmates are more inclined to give them or do what they want.

Supports Cognitive Development
Playing with others engages a child’s creativity, and encourages her to think abstractly. Kids also learn how to solve problems during playtime, and how to feel empathy for others. Additionally, children use their imagination and learn how to master new concepts while playing.

Begin Your Child’s Development the Best Way Possible

Heritage Learning Center offers early childhood education classes in McKinney, TX, for age 18 months and older, that encourage your child to develop a love of learning from an early age. Call us today at 972.782.4464 to schedule your tour and enroll your child today.

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