It can be difficult for kids to finish their homework. If your child has trouble finishing their homework in time, a homework schedule might be the right thing for them. Not only does it communicate clear expectations, but it establishes a time frame for kids to finish their homework. Here are some tips for setting a homework schedule!

Free Time is Still Important

Unless your child likes to get their homework done right away, many children want time to decompress after they get home from school. Allow some free time at the front end of your kid’s homework schedule to give them time to relax before jumping into the work.

Give Them Options

Letting your child help you make the schedule or even letting them create it themselves will make it more likely for them to follow. Don’t try to make it yourself. Please talk with your children and discuss the different options they have in organizing their homework time. 

Establish a Timeline

The general rule of thumb is that a child has ten minutes of homework per grade level. A 4th grader will have about 40 minutes of reading. However, be sure to discuss this kind of thing with their teacher to be sure you’re setting the right time limits.

Get it on Paper

Be sure to write out the schedule and display it in an area you and your child can see. If you keep it in your head, you and your children are a lot less likely to follow it. 

Be Consistent

In general, it takes about three weeks for kids to get used to homework schedules. So, you need to stick to the schedule and be consistent!

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