Halloween is a very exciting time of year for many people, especially when kids get to go trick-or-treating! Amidst COVID-19, there are a lot of concerns about health and safety this year for October 31st along with the questions that parents ask all the time about the safety of going out on Halloween. It can be a tricky thing to think about and try to navigate, especially these days. That’s why we’re giving you some Halloween safety tips for the spooky season coming your way!

Safety and Costumes

Believe it or not, there are some things you should be safe about when choosing costumes for yourself and letting your little ones choose costumes. First and foremost, costumes and all of the accessories that go with them need to be fire-resistant. Next, make sure you and your children have reflective tape on your costumes and bags/buckets if you’re going out after dark. Glow sticks are a good alternative for this if you don’t have or don’t want to use reflective tape. Lastly, for costumes, use non-toxic makeup or face paint instead of masks for costumes. Masks tend to hinder vision. 

Tips for Going Out at Night

The truth is, there is low lighting at Halloween and there are a lot of people out at night. It’s hard to see everyone, so a statistic states that children are more likely to get hit by a car on Halloween than at any other time of year. But don’t worry! We have some tips that can help you and your child avoid this situation. 

  1. An adult should always accompany and supervise children when they go out. 
  2. If your children are going alone, agree on a route they’ll follow. 
  3. Agree on a curfew as well. 
  4. Teach your children to never enter a stranger’s home or car.
  5. Tell them to stay in well-lit, familiar areas. 

General Halloween Safety

In general, it’s a good idea to be safe about anything and everything when your children are going out on Halloween night. One good thing to do is create a safety plan with your child if they carry a phone. You can talk about whether they should text you updates or you can let them know that if they feel unsafe or want to come home, they can contact you. Maybe even come up with a code. Also, talking about treats is important too. Talk to your child about waiting to eat their candy until they bring it home.


All in all, Halloween can be a very fun holiday for families and children. It shouldn’t be stressful. But it’s very important to talk about these safety tips with your children before the night comes. Heritage Learning Center has much more advice on safety, learning, and development, so feel free to look through our other blogs as well! If you’ve been thinking about extracurriculars or after-school programs for your children, we’re a great resource for that as well! Just give us a call and we’d be happy to speak with you about what we offer. Contact us today!

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