After School Activities McKinney TxHelping children deal with disappointment can seem like a daunting parenting task. There are many points in your children’s lives when things don’t turn out the way you planned, leaving your children feeling disappointed. Not every team can be a winner; not every child gets chosen to be in the play. You can help your children turn these situations into learning opportunities.

Display Your Empathy

Acknowledge your child’s understanding of the situation. You do not have to agree with what your child says about the events, but you can still offer your full support. Phrases like I understand how you are feeling and Would you like to share more of your thoughts with me? Can allow you to have more time to talk with your child.

Give Your Child a Break

If you find that the situation is becoming too emotional and that your child is displaying a significant amount of anxiety, it may be helpful to let him know that you understand and that you can discuss the incident at a later time.

Find the Root of the Issue

When you take the time to talk with your child, talk about the most disappointing aspect of the situation. Was it missing the ball, or was it doing that in front of everyone? Children who are perfectionists need to understand that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes are vital to learning. Perhaps your child needs more time practicing specific skills to develop fine or gross motor abilities.

Prepare for the Next Situation

When you become better aware of the problem that your child is managing, talk about ways to best deal with it. Extra practice, advice from the coach, or even stress reduction exercises can all help in working through problems and disappointment.

Handling Disappointment When Your Child Won’t Talk

Many children prefer not to discuss their disappointment and would instead show their feelings in other ways. Some of these displays may be destructive, so it’s essential to provide different ways to express anger and frustration. If your child prefers to go off and be alone, find ways to stay connected. Explain that you will give her time to herself but that you will need to figure out what caused the disappointment eventually. Explain that even professional athletes make mistakes and have bad days.

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