At times, homework can become overwhelming for both students and parents. Learn how to reduce the stress and discomfort associated with homework in your home by introducing the following practices.

Have Your Child Set the Routine
You can reduce the stress associated with homework by giving your child the opportunity to determine the routine for getting to work. In deciding when to start homework, ask your child whether they would rather play and snack before taking time to finish her studies. Keep in mind that there will need to be a limitation on the amount of time provided to eat and play. Play should be defined as a physical activity rather than virtual games on a device. Determine an appropriate work environment where your child can concentrate. Working from a dining table may make it easier for her to get help from you if she needs it. It will also allow you to ensure that she is staying focused on the task at hand.

Provide Support Without Correcting Errors
Your child’s ability to complete assigned homework indicates which concepts they have mastered and where they still require assistance. Refrain from correcting assignments or taking over the work. If your child requires assistance to complete the task, verify whether they understand the instructions. Often times, students become confused or disinterested because they misread or fail to understand the directions or prompt.

Empower Your Child
The responsibility of completing and returning homework should be on your children. Support them in getting it done but make sure that they understand it is their job to get started, complete the assignment, and pack it up to take back to school the next day. Getting the work back to school can be a challenge. You can make this step easier by ensuring that your children put their backpacks in the same place each evening before going to bed. This will make it easier to follow a routine of picking up the backpacks as they head out the door in the morning.

Stay Calm
Getting upset with your child over a homework assignment will only make matters worse. If your child is stressed with an activity, help them relax before continuing on with the work. If they fail to finish the work, pack it up and send it back to school unfinished. IIn this case, it’s a good idea to send the teacher a short note explaining that your child attempted the work but was unable to complete it. This way, the teacher knows that they tried the assignment but struggled with the concept.

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