Thanksgiving is such a fun time of year where we get to express our gratitude and get creative celebrating the holidays! It’s a great excuse to create fun, festive activities for your children or your students if you’re a teacher of young children. Here at Heritage Learning Center, we have a lot of fun with holiday activities, so we wanted to share a few ideas with you! Here are some fun thanksgiving activities you can use at home or in the classroom to get kids engaged and celebrate the holidays. 

Sensory Play with Feathers

Thanksgiving means turkey and turkeys have feathers! This makes thanksgiving the perfect time to bring out the feathers and participate in some sensory play. Feathers can be used in so many different ways that provide so many different feelings for young kids. You can dip them in paint, color sort them, and so much more!

Playdough Trays

Playdough trays are a fun way for kids to explore their creative side! Putting them together is easy and cheap too. You can grab a sectioned plate and some fun items like feathers, beads, and googly eyes to make a turkey playdough tray. Encourage kids to create their own turkey with the playdough as the body and the extra items as its body parts!

Salt Trays

Salt trays are helpful when children are learning letters and numbers. Print out letter and/or number cards and arrange a tray with salt, corn, or salt with cinnamon and other spices. Then, children put a letter or number at the top of the tray and trace it in the corn or salt. Adding spices to the mix will have your room smelling amazing!

Gratitude Books

You can find print-outs online for different styles of gratitude books. Gratitude books give you the opportunity to teach children to be thankful and grateful for what they have. These are perfect for the Thanksgiving season, but all year-round as well! Kids should always be practicing gratitude, and thanksgiving is a great time to start. 


These are just a few Thanksgiving activities you can enjoy this time of year. If you’d like to learn more, contact Heritage Learning Center today! If you’re looking for a program for your child, contact us as well! We have fun celebrating the holidays in our programs at Heritage Learning Center while simultaneously teaching kids new things, so contact us today to discuss our award-winning programs!

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