Transitioning to kindergarten can be an exciting time for parents and children, but it likely means many changes as well. Your child might be transitioning from one classroom to another and maybe even to a new school. This could mean a new routine along with a handful of other shifts in yours and their usual lifestyle. We know this can cause you and/or your child to be anxious, so we want to help you figure out how to prepare your child for kindergarten as the time gets closer. 

Plan to Visit before School Starts

Going into an unfamiliar building or classroom can be overwhelming to a child as well as starting a new year in school and meeting new people. So, planning a visit before the school year starts is a good way to introduce your child to their new routine. You can figure out where their classroom is, how to get to it, help them adjust to the new place, and explore the school on your own time! This will help your child feel more comfortable walking into school on their first day. 

Establish a Nighttime Routine

With a new school year comes a new routine. It’s likely that your child’s routine will be different as they transition from an early childhood development program to kindergarten. So, it’s a good idea to sit down with your child and figure out a new bedtime routine before they start a new school. This will make their first day feel more normal than trying out a new nighttime routine the night before school. 

Establish a Morning Routine

Along with a new nighttime routine, you should establish a new morning routine as well. For the same reason, your child will be more prepared and ready for their first day of school and every day after if they have a normal routine in the morning to follow. 

Adjust Their Nap Schedule

It’s possible that your child will have nap time in kindergarten, but it’s likely it won’t be as long or as often as their nap schedule at home. Therefore, it’s important that before they go to kindergarten, you work on decreasing the number of naps they take throughout the day and how long their naps are. 


These are just a few ways to prepare your child for their new kindergarten schedule. If you’d like more tips or information, feel free to contact Heritage Learning Center to discuss this topic more! We’re excited for this new chapter in your child’s life and want to help you prepare them in the best way possible, so call us today!

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