Preschool McKinney TXEnrolling your child in preschool McKinney TX is one of the best things you can do for their future social and academic success. Children as young as 18 months can benefit from a quality preschool program. Some of the advantages of early childhood education include learning how to share, follow directions and interact socially with other children in a structured environment.

Preschool McKinney TX: Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is more academic today than ever. A quality preschool prepares children for kindergarten by introducing them to the building blocks of math and reading without neglecting playtime. When selecting a preschool, ask questions about how time is organized. The ideal preschool offers a combination of social activities, unstructured playtime, creative projects and pre-academic lessons.

Preschool McKinney TX: The First Step to Better Language and Cognitive Skills

Between ages 3 and 5, a child’s vocabulary grows from 900 words to 2500 words. Sentences become longer and cognitive skills more refined. Preschool teachers introduce new words to students during throughout the day – during art and science lessons, at snack time, and sing-alongs. Children learn new words and concepts by joining in different activities. Teachers read books aloud, and children ask questions and practice new vocabulary words. Preschool students enhance their cognitive skills by learning to solve problems, even though their answers still rely more on their imaginations than logic.

Heritage Learning Center Offers Four Different Quality Preschool Programs

Heritage Learning Center offers several preschool programs. We have Little Primers classes for children 18 months to 2 years. These classes focus on developing listening and social skills. Stories and songs are used to build students’ vocabulary and teach them to follow directions. In Early Preschool (EPS), age 3-4, children learn more about self-sufficiency. They continue to hone their motor skills and learn to write their own name, numbers and the alphabet. In preschool (ages 3-4), the focus is on motor skills and autonomy. There’s also a separate Spanish class for all students. In preschool (age 4) the focus is on preparing children to enter public school. Classes emphasize literacy and phonics, with a weekly Reading Club and daily Spanish lessons.

For the best preschool McKinney TX, call Heritage Learning Center at (972) 782-4464 to talk to a rep or request a tour. We’ve received several local awards, including McKinney Magazine’s “Best of” in 2013 and Star Local Media’s Reader’s Choice Award in 2014.  We offer other programs, including an after-school clubhouse for children in kindergarten through grade 5.
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