Best McKinney ChildcareTeaching young children how to be polite may seem like a challenging endeavor. Young children often do not understand the importance of good manners and best behaviors. However, it’s important to teach them how to appropriately behave so that they can develop positive connections with the people around them. Good manners need to be consistently modeled to children so that they have an example of good behavior. Merely telling a young child how to behave will not have enough impact to develop these necessary skills. Three of the most critical manners to teach your children are listed below.

Be Kind

At home and preschool, young children must learn how to share, take turns and be polite to the people around them. Saying please and thank you are also examples of showing kindness. These responses demonstrate respect for others. You can help your child develop these skills by modeling them to your child and by pointing out examples you might see during your day. By making young children aware of the behaviors associated with being kind, they are more like to be kind as well. This ability may require some time to master as many preschoolers find it challenging to give up their belongings to share. Point out how the other person feels when someone shares with them. Share your belongings with your child. Be enthusiastic when you observe your child demonstrating kindness.

Be Patient

Many times young children are quick to interrupt other people to be heard or to have their wishes met. They do not understand that they are in effect putting their needs ahead of others. It is essential to teach young children how to be patient and wait to speak. Explain that it is impolite to interrupt two people who are talking unless there is an emergency. Teach your child to say excuse me if there is a need to interrupt a conversation. Developing the ability to be patient is an important skill that your children will need throughout their lives.

Be Social

While some children may find it difficult to be social with others, this skill is necessary for making valuable connections with the world around them. Saying hello and goodbye is the first step to communicating. Model positive greetings so that your child can see how to greet other people properly. Talk to your children about the importance of asking others how they are doing once they have learned to greet people. Explain the importance of being understanding to the feelings of others.

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