tips for parents McKinneyChanges can be difficult for young children. Moving them from one childcare setting to another can be especially challenging, even when the transition is to Heritage Learning Center’s award winning childcare.  As a parent, you want to be sensitive to your child’s anxiety when it comes to making this kind of major change in his life. You also want to do as much as you can to make the move from one daycare setting to another as smooth as possible for him. Here are some things you can do to help:

Ask Your Child’s Current Teacher to Write a Note to His New Teacher
Your child’s current teacher knows best how he functions in childcare during the day. It’s a good idea to ask her to write a note meant for his new teacher or teachers to let them know how he handles transitions; what his favorite books, toys and activities are; how to comfort him and any other information she may feel is relevant.

Ask Your Child’s Teacher If There is Some Classroom Memento He Can Take With Him
You child may have a favorite stuffed animal, toy, photograph or some other small item that his teacher will allow him to take with him to his new childcare. A memento from his previous daycare will help him to hold onto his memories, make the transition smoother and will let him know that it’s okay to miss his daycare and his teacher.

Find Books to Read to Him About Children Going Through Changes
Even very young children respond to stories about other youngsters who go through changes in their lives. There are a number of books available that you can read to him that will show him that he’s not alone when it comes to growing up or moving from something known to something unknown.

Let Him Visit His New School
If possible, take your child to visit his new school before he makes the actual transition to it. If he is familiar with the setting, the sounds and the teachers, his first full day there will be less frightening.  You can also request a small going-away party for him at his current school that will let him say goodbye and celebrate his transition to a new school.

Stay With Him During His First Week At His New School
Ask your child’s teacher if you can stay with him for a couple of hours each day during his first week at his new school. This will be less jarring for him than just dropping him off and leaving.  If you’ve taken steps to make his transition easier, there’s a good chance he may only need you to be there one or two days.

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