Preschools McKinney TexasYoung children quickly change from dependent babies to fast-moving toddlers and preschools help foster these changes. Before you know it, their personalities begin to transform as well. Their character traits change considerably between the ages of three and five.

Children aged three to five develop the skills needed to become more adept and more comfortable at expressing their feelings and ideas. During this stage children also develop the capability for better self-control. They start to depend on parents less and become somewhat more independent. They learn self-calming skills, become more focused on activities and are less emotionally reactive. Through life experience, they learn how to treat the people around them properly.

Keep in mind that your preschooler is unique. All children differ in how their personalities develop. Put aside the temptation to compare the development of siblings in one family. Healthy personalities develop from responsive parenting that addresses the individual strengths and challenges of each child.

Play significantly influences the development of a child. Foster play at home. Provide your preschoolers with as many opportunities as possible to play indoors and outside; alone, with friends, and with adults. Through play, preschoolers develop the ability to work with others, solve problems, develop imagination, create, discover and explore.

Stay away from putting labels on your child’s behaviors. Using determiners like bossy or shy can create a self-fulfilling situation. Allow your child the space to develop their personality without attaching a label to his or her character based on their actions.

Young children imitate what they see. While they may not mirror every action, their behaviors are influenced by their environment. By providing them an example of how to be polite, patient and compassionate, you will give your child a strong foundation for developing a confident personality.

Both nature and nurturing influence child development. While your child will develop certain characteristics based on her or his genetic composition, he or she will also be influenced by the surrounding environment. Both aspects play an essential role in the development of your child’s personality.

Allow your children to develop their own personalities rather than a replica of yours. While you might have an extroverted personality, your children may be the exact opposite. Respect the individualism of your children and provide an environment where they can develop their own unique characteristics.

There are lots of ways to encourage your preschooler’s personality. Read to your children, foster their interests, celebrate their successes, and support their challenges.

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