Play is the foundation of learning. When kids play, they are learning valuable skills that develop their brains in many different ways. It’s how they begin to understand the world around them and the processes they learn at school. On a more specific level, here are some of the ways children play in preschool and why they’re so important. 

Vehicles and Animals

Objects like cars, trucks, and animal figurines are often kids’ favorite toys. These simple things teach them vocabulary every time they play with them. It’s reinforced every time they pick them up and talk about what kind of animal it is, what noise it makes, or what the vehicle does. 

Dramatic Play

Kids love playing with a toy kitchen, food, plates, cashiers, or doctor’s kits. When they play with these and imagine the world they’re in; they develop their imagination and creativity. 

Puzzles and Blocks

Blocks and puzzles challenge children’s math and problem-solving skills. Children use blocks for building, and children try to balance them and design them into different structures. Puzzles allow children to learn about other sizes and patterns of the pieces to fit them together.

Small Crafts

A common thing in the classroom is working on small crafts such as putting beads on a string or building shapes with macaroni. These activities develop a child’s gross and fine motor development. 


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