Your child’s final year before Kindergarten is an exciting time filled with rapid growth and preparation. Heritage Learning Center’s Pre-K program is specifically designed to create confident, enthusiastic learners ready to tackle the challenges and joys of elementary school.

Ready, Set, Learn! Why Pre-K is the Key to Kindergarten Success

Bridging the Gap Between Preschool and Kindergarten

Pre-K goes beyond the basics, providing a comprehensive learning experience:

  • Cognitive Development: We strengthen core skills in literacy, math, science, and problem-solving, laying the foundation for formal schooling.
  • Social and Emotional Growth: Pre-K emphasizes independence, responsibility, and teamwork, fostering the skills needed to thrive in a classroom setting.
  • Love of Learning: Our playful, hands-on approach keeps kids engaged and reinforces that learning is fun, building excitement for future studies.

The Heritage Learning Center Pre-K Advantage

Our Pre-K program offers unique benefits that set your child up for success:

  • Saxon Early Learning & Phonics Curriculum: We expose children to the building blocks of reading, fostering key literacy and phonemic awareness skills.
  • Book Club: Our guided reading groups nurture reading readiness and a love of books with focused, small-group instruction.
  • Learning in Action: We help kids connect classroom concepts to the real world, making learning meaningful and relatable.
  • Spanish Immersion: Daily Spanish lessons broaden language skills and cultural understanding.
  • “Big Kid” Milestones: Our Pre-K graduation ceremony celebrates accomplishments and builds confidence for the transition to Kindergarten.

Beyond Academics: Nurturing Well-Rounded Learners

Pre-K is about more than just letter and number recognition. We support the whole child:

  • Self-Confidence & Independence: We encourage children to take initiative, develop problem-solving skills, and build resilience.
  • Communication & Collaboration: Children learn effective communication, taking turns, and working together as a team.
  • Curiosity & Critical Thinking: We foster a questioning mindset, sparking a lifelong love of inquiry and discovery.

Is Your Child Ready for Pre-K?

Our program is designed for children who turn 4 by Sept. 1st. Look for these signs of readiness:

  • Shows interest in letters, numbers, and simple problem-solving.
  • Can follow basic directions and routines.
  • Enjoys interacting with other children and can share.
  • Has basic self-help skills (dressing, using the restroom).

Enroll Your Child in Pre-K at Heritage Learning Center

Give your child the gift of a smooth transition to Kindergarten and a lifelong love of learning.

Contact us today to schedule a tour and learn more about our dynamic Pre-K program!

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