The preschool years are a whirlwind of amazing transformations! Heritage Learning Center’s PS (3-Year-Old) program is designed to nurture this growth, offering a safe and engaging space for children to blossom cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Preschool Adventures: Discovering, Learning, and Growing!

Milestones and Masteries: Our Preschool Focus

We build upon the foundation established in younger years, focusing on:

  • Fine Motor Development: Activities like using scissors, stringing beads, and practicing with writing tools strengthen hand-eye coordination crucial for future writing and self-care skills.
  • Literacy Foundations: The exciting world of letters and sounds opens up! We use playful methods and the Frog Street Curriculum to encourage early writing of names, letter, and number recognition.
  • Independence and Self-Help: Preschoolers gain confidence through mastering tasks like dressing, bathroom routines, and taking responsibility for belongings.
  • Social Skills: Sharing, cooperation, and conflict resolution are emphasized, helping children form positive friendships and learn to navigate group settings.
  • Fueling Curiosity: We spark a sense of wonder through exploration, sensory play, and open-ended activities that encourage problem-solving and self-discovery.

Why Heritage Learning Center for Your Preschooler

We’re more than just playtime; we’re preparing little minds for success:

  • Experienced Educators: Our teachers understand the unique needs of 3-year-olds, providing a balance of nurturing guidance and independence-building opportunities.
  • Learning Through Play: Our classrooms are designed with engaging centers that foster learning through discovery and fun.
  • Spanish Immersion: Daily Spanish lessons introduce a second language, expanding your child’s world and offering cognitive benefits.
  • Building Community: We value a sense of belonging in our classroom, creating a safe space for children to make friends and practice social skills.

Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

Most children who turn 3 by Sept. 1st are ready! Look for:

  • Increased independence with bathroom routines and basic self-care tasks.
  • Interest in simple games, drawing, and exploring new activities.
  • Ability to communicate basic needs and follow simple directions.
  • A growing desire to interact and play with other children.

The First Step to a Joyful Learning Journey

Preschool lays the foundation for a positive relationship with school. At Heritage Learning Center, we make that foundation solid!

Enroll your child in our PS program and watch them shine! Contact us today!

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