Fall is the best and most colorful seasons of the year! What better way to celebrate it than to do some fun fall activities with your little preschooler?? Simple, crafty activities are a great way to stimulate your child’s mind and have fun with them during this colorful season. Check out these fun activities!

A Handprint Tree

Simply helping your child trace their handprint on a piece of paper and decorating it with fun colored paper will bring a tree to life on the page, and your children are sure to love it!

Apple Stamps

When you cut and dry out apples, they can create some fun shapes that are perfect to stamp onto any paper, towel, or shirt! This is a perfect way to celebrate fall with your child while making some new fall decorations for your home. 

Decorating Pumpkins

Some of you might be apprehensive to carve pumpkins with a young child because that can be dangerous. We understand! A safe, fun way to decorate pumpkins with your children could mean painting pumpkins, gluing glitter onto them, or melting crayons over them with a hairdryer! These alternatives to pumpkin carving are an especially creative way to celebrate fall with your preschooler. 

Getting your child involved in arts and crafts at a young age is an awesome way to get your child learning before they are school age. Our experts at Heritage Learning Center guarantee you and your child will enjoy these fun fall activities together. If you’ve run out of ideas on what to do, give us a call! We can help you continue your child’s development through exciting activities.

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